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1440 Connections

The connections and interactions we have with one another have a habit of manifesting into great ideas and inspiring stories. It’s from creative instances like these that this digital newsletter was born.

This digital newsletter is our best avenue for sharing the things that matter. It exists as a place to let creativity shine through, introduce new people and connect as a whole. This is platform is for you, and you are all encouraged to assist in making it feel like a virtual sanctuary. Let’s be bold. Let’s be innovative. Let’s learn and grow from each other. Let’s be inspired. Let’s be 1440.

Simple as a Stamp

When we love someone, we go out of our way to protect and defend them. This rings true for our receptionist, Dawn Neddo, of Independence Village of White Lake — particularly in the case of a resident, Norma. Norma and her husband, Armen, moved into Independence...

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Enjoy It Spotlight

When it comes to the environment within our communities and the experiences our residents have each day, it’s all possible because of one thing: our employees. Your dedication to your role, your desire to learn and grow, and your passion to be the best you can be are...

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Our Residents Become Our Family

In our communities, we are lucky to witness very special interactions between employees and residents. It is a real treat to see a resident smile when chatting with a server, housekeeper or receptionist. Often, these interactions become part of the everyday routine....

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We Help Residents Revisit Their Passions

 Our employees go above and beyond to make magical experiences happen every day by welcoming any opportunity to help a resident do something they love. Beth Sturr put this into practice by making it possible for a resident to participate in a 5K. As Beth works with...

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Caregiver Love is the Best Love

Each one of our employees knows that resident safety is the number one priority and often requires them to act fast. This rang true for Wellness Director Michelle Hatfield when she played an instrumental role in saving a resident’s life. A resident at Independence...

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Having Courage Comes in Many Forms

Our 1440 culture is defined by each one of our employees: how they support each other, how they encourage each other and how they create magic moments for our residents together. When each of us are spending the majority of our lives at work, sometimes we forget all...

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Leadership Message

Welcome to the digital version of our company newsletter! The purpose is to allow all of the employees in this company to contribute to the content. We want your ideas and your stories. After all, YOU are the magic behind our collective mission of delivering the 1440 experience to the residents and families we serve. Don’t be shy!

We want to hear from you!

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